Saturday, 26 May 2012

Friday's Outfit of the Day and More

 Blazer - Next
Top - TKMAX (Jenna's)
Leggings - ZARA
Chelsea Boots - Italy
Bag - Italy
Necklace - Gift from Grandmother

Yesterday my friend Jenna and I went to my brother's school's Foodfair. We decided to take photo's on what we wore and video it. I had a whole lot of fun with the videoing part, I felt like a camera man. The editing is even more fun though, yes on windows movie maker. At the food fair I ate a chicken Kabab but sadly it was partly dry so not as enjoyable as I hoped it would be. 

These past few weeks have been really busy with last minute studying and the stress of writing exam after exam. Sadly my exams have not gone the way I wish I could expect them to go. I am not feeling confident about them and would love to curl up into ball and sleep them away. But there is no sleep for the wicked. What is life without a few obstacles? It wouldn't be interesting. All I need is good enough marks so I can give them to the universities I wish to study at and hope to get into my course.

Enough of my life problems. The foodfair was lovely with a great turn out especially due to the miserable weather Cape Town was experiencing. Since it was at a junior school there were tons of little children running around and suddenly I felt old and TALL (I never feel that especially my height).  

 A surprised photo my friend took of me while I was opening the door of the car. The weather got a bit chilly so I put on my burgundy colour scarf and hoped that it would keep me warm. Luckily my pastel colour blazer from Next has some cashmere in it so it kept my arms toasty warm. 

Don't be deceived on how delicious this looks. It was dry. I was very upset about this but I didn't want to complain due to this was a school fundraiser and it was not a restaurant. The sauce on top was good though. Really yummy.
In all that night was really good and I got to test out my video recording skills. Please check out my friend and our blog out here for her outfit and more outfits and details we wish to share with you.

Lots of love,
Chelsea <3


  1. lovely! you are so cute!

  2. nice blog ^^ loves it)
    follow me and i follow you))

    xoxo Christy

  3. love your boots! i know it's summer now but i really want a pair of black chelsea boots. you hair is amazing too. wish mine was longer! x

    1. I love them too :P Luckily it is winter for me so I get to wear them more often. Thank you <3 Just give it time to grow, that's what I did and still doing!

  4. What an amazing outfit, love the boots!


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