Friday, 20 January 2012

Fridays Face

I am spending this Friday evening at home as I have nothing to do. I thought I should show you my new hair cut. Even though this photo doesn't show much but I did get my side fringe redone (sadly a bit too short but that can grow out) and a whole lot of hair cut off. No more long hair. Sad. I was really loving my long hair but the split ends were just so bad that the length had to go. My hair dresser did say she would only take off so |------| much but in the end show took off |----------------------------------------|. In reality it is more. Just was giving an example. I started grade 11 on Wednesday and literally freaking out about the workload. This weekend I am going to watch my friends at a lifesaving competition which I sadly can't compete because I pulled a muscle in my shoulder. After that I am heading off to my friends birthday braai, if you are wondering what a braai means, it is like a barbecue but the real South African way. Which is the best! I really do love my braais. Tomorrow morning I am waking up early to do a early morning fun run with my mom. Which is going to be interesting. Wish me luck! 


Sunday, 15 January 2012


Hey Guys,
I know this is a bit delayed but I was going through the photos of my trip to Europe and I came across the pictures of the outfit I wore for Christmas. Surprisingly this outfit kept me cozy warm.

Hat- Claire's
Scarf- Edgars
Coat- WoolWorths
Skirt- Fashion Lab
Stockings- Market in Paris
Chelsea Boots- Shoe Boutique in Italy


Tuesday, 10 January 2012


So sorry guys for changing my URL it is not working properly anymore :(

New Blog URL

I am BACK, what I got for Christmas. :)

Hey Guys,
I changed my URL so you might have difficulty seeing this post but here is my new URL:  It is not a new blog just a different URL.
Sorry for the abundance of posts for the last month and a bit. I arrived yesterday back from Europe and could only get the time to write this post now. So sorry about that. This year I am going to try my best to write better posts and other posts that I feel like viewing my opinion on.
This holiday touring Europe was the best experiences of a life time. I plan to live in England one day or some European Country. So I started off in Rome which we saw many ruins and more ruins and more. Yet I found it super fascinating and would love to go again one day but probably 20 years time. 

Anyway I think I should get to the Christmas presents, let me just say this is not at all bragging but just showing you what I got. I am showing the main things I got for Christmas as some is just the same old boring make-up I use, books I want to read, a pair of jeans which I still want to show, belts and one or two others. Bear in mind I got a few in the sales except the shoes. 

Here it goes:

Blazer - ZARA

Blazer- Next

Blazer- ZARA

Jersey- ZARA

Cardigan- Primark

Jersey- HBS?

Lace Top- TKMAX?

Top- RiverIsland

Dress- Bershka

Pleated Skirt- H&M

Riding Legging- ZARA

Riding Leggings- ZARA

Hat- Claires

Purse- Claires

Watches- Markets

Disney Store

Slippers- Disney Store

High Heeled Brogues- Italy

Combat Boots- Bata Italy

Chelsea Boots- Italy.

So that is practically about it. I hope you like my collection of clothing and accessories I got in Europe. I was so amazed by the fantastic clothes over there that I am seriously considering of ordering online soon! 
In the Next few days I shall be doing combinations of some of these items. 
Hope you enjoyed this post!
So for the inconvenience for changing my URL to


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