Friday, 20 January 2012

Fridays Face

I am spending this Friday evening at home as I have nothing to do. I thought I should show you my new hair cut. Even though this photo doesn't show much but I did get my side fringe redone (sadly a bit too short but that can grow out) and a whole lot of hair cut off. No more long hair. Sad. I was really loving my long hair but the split ends were just so bad that the length had to go. My hair dresser did say she would only take off so |------| much but in the end show took off |----------------------------------------|. In reality it is more. Just was giving an example. I started grade 11 on Wednesday and literally freaking out about the workload. This weekend I am going to watch my friends at a lifesaving competition which I sadly can't compete because I pulled a muscle in my shoulder. After that I am heading off to my friends birthday braai, if you are wondering what a braai means, it is like a barbecue but the real South African way. Which is the best! I really do love my braais. Tomorrow morning I am waking up early to do a early morning fun run with my mom. Which is going to be interesting. Wish me luck! 



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