Tuesday, 29 May 2012


I have been posting my holiday I went on this December/ January in bits and pieces. So here is Paris:

Paris. What can I say? It was romantic. A true lovers destination. Honestly though, the overall appearance, was disgusting and dirty. I hated walking down the streets because they were filthy and smell was so bad it made my stomach turn. Yet the atmosphere would make me fall in love with anyone. 

My highlight in Paris is a toss up between Disney Land and seeing the Eiffel Tower at night. Disney Land was extremely fun and reminded me of the time I went to Disney World and Orlando Studios in Florida. I was a little child again, running around going on every ride I could. The lines were long though... I stood in one for about two hours. Luckily I had all the Disney Land food I could eat so it was bearable. The Eiffel Tower at night is outstandingly beautiful, the way the lights glittered honestly took my breath away. We sat and ate some french traditional food, which name I am not familiar with anymore, and looked at the lights on the Eiffel Tower.  

We walked down the Champs Élysées, I was in Heaven, everybody who walked past me looked like fashion was there only priority, full of shopping bags. I was in my element. Though I could hardly afford the shops there, it was still a fun experience. 

We went to many other places like the Louvre, Palace of Versailles, Arc de Triomphe, Notre 
Dame and many other famous places. One of my favourite cheap shopping places was on the same street as the Moulin Rouge is, just much further up the street where it is as not provocative. They have cute little restaurants and thrifting shops and many stores with very cheap clothing, yet the quality isn't the best.  

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Caribbean or Polar...

Wearing :
Sheer Shirt - Forever New
Leggings - ZARA
Body Con 3/4 top - Thrifted
Floral Necklaces - Unknown
Coral Necklace - Hawaii

So on Saturday I went to a friends 18th, the theme was Caribbean or Polar, obviously I couldn't decide and went both ways of it. Though all my friends went Polar. I was wearing few layers but don't be deceived because it was freezing outfit and I was dancing around like a lunatic to keep warm. I had a lot of fun as it was a good study break and catching up with a few lifesaving friends.

My blue sheer shirt looks quite funny in the photos above as it is see through but tucking it in felt to formal or fancy for a casual braai/party at his place.I also did not feel like exposing much bra as it was freezing and I needed to keep some body warmth. That body con top was surprisingly warm for being so thin. For the shoes I put on my brown leather combat boots from Italy because I wanted to down play my outfit and not feel too overdressed, which I tend to do often.  

This weekend definitely was a good one and hope that after I have finished exams there will be many more interesting ones like these. I am half way through exams with written 6 already and have 5 more to go. Dreading the most of all is Afrikaans paper 2 and Physics. As long as I keep concentration I think I will do okay yet the exams have not matched up to what I have hoped just yet.  

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

Chelsea <3

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Friday's Outfit of the Day and More

 Blazer - Next
Top - TKMAX (Jenna's)
Leggings - ZARA
Chelsea Boots - Italy
Bag - Italy
Necklace - Gift from Grandmother

Yesterday my friend Jenna and I went to my brother's school's Foodfair. We decided to take photo's on what we wore and video it. I had a whole lot of fun with the videoing part, I felt like a camera man. The editing is even more fun though, yes on windows movie maker. At the food fair I ate a chicken Kabab but sadly it was partly dry so not as enjoyable as I hoped it would be. 

These past few weeks have been really busy with last minute studying and the stress of writing exam after exam. Sadly my exams have not gone the way I wish I could expect them to go. I am not feeling confident about them and would love to curl up into ball and sleep them away. But there is no sleep for the wicked. What is life without a few obstacles? It wouldn't be interesting. All I need is good enough marks so I can give them to the universities I wish to study at and hope to get into my course.

Enough of my life problems. The foodfair was lovely with a great turn out especially due to the miserable weather Cape Town was experiencing. Since it was at a junior school there were tons of little children running around and suddenly I felt old and TALL (I never feel that especially my height).  

 A surprised photo my friend took of me while I was opening the door of the car. The weather got a bit chilly so I put on my burgundy colour scarf and hoped that it would keep me warm. Luckily my pastel colour blazer from Next has some cashmere in it so it kept my arms toasty warm. 

Don't be deceived on how delicious this looks. It was dry. I was very upset about this but I didn't want to complain due to this was a school fundraiser and it was not a restaurant. The sauce on top was good though. Really yummy.
In all that night was really good and I got to test out my video recording skills. Please check out my friend and our blog out here for her outfit and more outfits and details we wish to share with you.

Lots of love,
Chelsea <3

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Please, Get Into My Wardrobe.

Although it is winter in South Africa, I am still loving pastels. I wish I could get these clothes in South Africa but sadly our country does not have stores like Topshop, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Primark, etc.  We can't even order online because it is either not an option, it gets "lost" in the mail or the price for delivery is to expensive.So I have to resort in Woolworths, Forever New, Mr Price, TrueWorths. The list goes on but none of those clothing shops (other than Forever New but extremely pricey) actually sell fashionable clothing. So in the end my friends and I often just splurge our money on the items of clothing that are "in". Sometimes I feel it is not worth it but the joy a new pair of shoes give you or the feeling of a new top in your hands is so amazing you can't not but want to buy it. We do have many boutiques but some are quite pricey and the quality isn't the best.

Anyway, these beautiful pastels colours are to die for. I honestly wish I could get my hands on something beautiful like these items. This is why I am moving to England or some overseas country where I can buy beautiful clothing like these!

Hope you guys have a lovely weekend <3. It is going to be full of non-stop studying for me...

Wish me luck, exams start Monday and I am already broken and dead. 

Lots of love,

New Tweeter.

So I got twitter. My name is @ChelseaRaeMoore . I am not to sure how to use it yet but I will get the hang of it soon. Anyway, if you want to follow me, go ahead it will be lovely! If you want to post your twitter names here I would be sure to follow! 

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Weekend and Outfit

New Blue Sheer Blouse

Me wearing it out to dinner with the family

Sheer Blouse - Forever New
Leather Jacket - Old Khaki
High waisted Leggings - ZARA
Chelsea Boots - Boutique in Italy

Today is my Mom's Birthday, same day as Mother's Day, which meant she gets extra spoiled by her children and Husband. So on Friday I went shopping with my friend Jenna and we went looking for presents for our mothers. While I was shopping for my mom I went into the store Forever New. One of my favourite stores ever. I was browsing around when I spotted this beautiful purple sheer blouse, but the price was way to much so I put it back. My friend and I gathered up a whole bunch of clothes to try on. In the end I was set on buying a black sheer blouse but it was one size to big. So I sent my friend out looking for a smaller size but she could only find this blue one in my size. I am so grateful she did though. The size is perfect and the colour is stunning. I absolutely love midnight blue. You can see me wearing the shirt on a night out with the family. Excuse the disgusting photo of me, my dad took it and lets just say he isn't the best at taking photo's of me.

We went out for a lovely dinner with friends and family at the Brass Bell. Mom clearly enjoyed herself with kicking me from under the table every few seconds. Nevertheless it was a lovely evening filled with delicious food and funny people. 

Nothing is better than cuddling up in bed with a cup of tea and reading a book, sadly reading will have to be taken out as I have to start studying for exams. Wish me luck as it is going to be a stressful month and hardly any blogging will happen as I shall be stuck at home studying. 
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. 
Lots of love,

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Outfit of the Day


Hat - Claires
Blazer - Zara
Top - Fashion Lab
Acid washed jeans - H&M
Levi's Sneakers
Belt - Primark

Friend (Jenna):
Jersey - TKMAX
Shirt - Jay Jays
Riding Pants - Forever New
Shoes - Thrifted

This weekend I got up to so much. I ran a running race then went back to my friends place for a sleepover but ended up going to another friend close by and stuffed our faces silly with pizza and junk food. The next day I went to Jenna's place and gallivanted around her housing estate taking photo's with our friend Peta. It was really entertaining and I couldn't stop laughing. At the end of the day I went out for chinese with Jenna's family then ended up sleeping at her because I refused to leave. I think her house is like my second home now. I have been there practically every weekend for the last month. 

Chelsea <3 

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