Saturday, 27 April 2013

Tips to Stay Positive

There comes a time in everybody's life where things do not go their way. Either it be your parents getting divorce, bad break up, friendship problems etc. Sometimes we let sadness consume our every thought. I believe that "everything happens for a reason" and try to look on the brighter side of things. But there are those times when we can't always be happy and stay positive. Though somehow I have found certain things that can make me happy instantly and help me deal with my issues.

Here are my ways to help me though a tough time:

1) Surround yourself with positive and happy people - these people will lift your mood by making you laugh and creating a happy atmosphere. DO NOT hang out with people that will belittle you or make you feel worse about yourself as that will make the problem worse.

2) Watch a comedy movie - laughing and smiling is one step closer to happiness. Comedies make you laugh and you start to see the happier things about life. DO NOT watch a soppy sad chick flick that you will end up crying because that won't help the situation.

3) Sleep it off - sometimes when I have had a hard and miserable day I decide to take a nap and sleep it off. Then when I wake up I feel revitalised and fresh and everything doesn't seem as before.

4) Distract yourself - I have a made a playlist on iTunes which contains all the songs that make me happy and I stay away from the deep meaningful songs that can draw out other sad emotions.

5) Drink something warm - hot chocolate, coffee, tea etc. are good examples of beverages I drink that warm me up inside and ironically warm my personality and attitude up as well.

6) Eat comfort food - eating the food (e.g. chocolate for me) that you love can instantly make you happy but DO NOT over indulge because that can make you feel sickly and that can cause the complete opposite of feeling better about yourself.

7) Talk to somebody - sometimes speaking to somebody can help you understand the situation more and clear things up. The closer you are to moving on the closer you are to being happy. DO NOT over analyse and over think because that can make things worse.

8) Exercise - letting out your stress or sadness through a physical way can be a great way of clearing the head and feeling better about yourself, emotionally and physically.

9) Doing things you love - reading, surfing, writing, shopping, drawing are just a few examples. Everybody has a hobby or some form of activity that they enjoy to do. This can take you into other world filled with happiness.

10) Think positively - positive thoughts equals positive mind and body.

I hope some of these tips will be able to help you. These are my ways of staying happy and positive therefore it can vary from person to person.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Winter Trend: The "Men's" Coat

Winter in nearly here in South Africa, the air is getting colder, more rain and the North West is starting to howl. Us girls need to dust off our winter coats and jackets and start to put on those layers. Why not better do it in style with over sized tops coat that looks like it can be taken out of your boyfriends closet. Designers such as Stella McCartney and Alexander Wang have incorporated this looks in their designs. Who would want to look like a model wearing the latest trends? This style is not only extremely warm but it brings the boyish feel and look out in the outfit. To bring back that bit of feminine you can add a colourful scarf or a pair of classy high heels to finish the outfit. Though many fashion bloggers keep to the classic neutral and dark colours paired with leather booths to keep warm.

These European trends will definitely find its way to South Africa this winter.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I always finding myself browsing through tumblr's fashion blogs and being so inspired that I want to take my debit card out of its pouch it and spend it on all the beautiful clothes out there. But no I must RESIST. Saving has become so hard lately. I am wearing thin. I have not swiped my debit card in 5 months. Soon I will burst and just spend all the money I have been saving up. Even though I can't spend, I would love to share my inspiration and love of fashion to you all. 

Lately I have been falling head of heels for the classic black and white with a hint of pastel. Though winter is coming up soon and the pastel colours will  not be able to make it into my everyday wardrobe.   I am one of those girls who live for the classic items in her closet. But a little bit of edge won't hurt me with a stud or two. I have been taught as a little girl that "Fashion comes and goes but style is here to stay". I have been quite naive in the past with my fashion sense with following what everybody else wears but now I have realised that I have my own fashion and creativity that makes me and what I wear. I have not yet defined my style but I do know that it will grow and mature in the years to come.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

A Dream Come True

Last year my best friend, Jenna, and I decided that at the end of our matric year we are going to England for a holiday. And on Wednesday Jenna and I booked our tickets to England for 4 weeks. So in the December holidays Jenna and I will be jet setting off on an adventure. I cannot control my excitement. My hands are shaking and there is a constant cheesy smirk on my face. I am so grateful to share this experience with Jenna and I know we will have an amazing time exploring the vibrant, historical and fashionable city of London.

One and a half years ago I went off to Europe on a family holiday and London was one of the many cities we visited. London made a massive impression on me and was one of my favourite cities we visited. I do not know what captivated me more. Maybe it was the historical buildings? The cute cafes? The vibrant English bars? The overflowing feel of fashion? The helpful and funny citizens? The great food? Or was it all of it combined to form a surreal atmosphere of the famous city of London? London captured my heart and returning to it will be a dream come true.  

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Where have I been?

I am back! I decided to take a long break from blogging to get my life sorted out. Suddenly things became hectic, I hardly had time to blog, and my life was unorganised and stressful. BUT I am here again. Things are going to change though. Firstly my URL has changed to Secondly, I am changing the my style of blog. I have decided to write less about fashion but about my life and everything around it. Hopefully you will like this change. 

I have also organised my new work station. Since we have had renovations my room has slowly started coming together. Hopefully soon it will finally be done and I can show you the final outcome. I am so glad to be back and can't wait to start blogging again. 

If any one has suggestions what they would like to see me write about feel free to comment and if you have an suggestions how to decorate my desk please help me!

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