Tuesday, 23 April 2013


I always finding myself browsing through tumblr's fashion blogs and being so inspired that I want to take my debit card out of its pouch it and spend it on all the beautiful clothes out there. But no I must RESIST. Saving has become so hard lately. I am wearing thin. I have not swiped my debit card in 5 months. Soon I will burst and just spend all the money I have been saving up. Even though I can't spend, I would love to share my inspiration and love of fashion to you all. 

Lately I have been falling head of heels for the classic black and white with a hint of pastel. Though winter is coming up soon and the pastel colours will  not be able to make it into my everyday wardrobe.   I am one of those girls who live for the classic items in her closet. But a little bit of edge won't hurt me with a stud or two. I have been taught as a little girl that "Fashion comes and goes but style is here to stay". I have been quite naive in the past with my fashion sense with following what everybody else wears but now I have realised that I have my own fashion and creativity that makes me and what I wear. I have not yet defined my style but I do know that it will grow and mature in the years to come.

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