Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Getting ready for Summer

Summer is on it's way, the temperature is rising, the amount of clothes you wear is less, your skin colour darkens a little and more importantly your wardrobe changes substantially. Now I am not a summer clothes person, I love winter clothes with many scarves and layers where I feel snug and warm. So when it comes to summer I am not the first person to go to for fashion advice, I mostly just wear a pair of shorts and a top and I am sorted. BUT, note the but, I am going to make an effort this summer to change my view of summer clothing and give my little input on what I, Chelsea Moore, believe is suitable for summer. At a later stage I shall show how I style for summer outfits, then put them into more detailed outfit post.

Here are some ideas on what I would like to see in my summer wardrobe:
(DISCLAIMER: These photo's are not mine, I do not own them, if any photo is yours I will be glad to remove it or state who you are.)

Long Flowy Skirts/Dress

Lace Bottoms


Denim Shorts


Sheer Cutoff Sleeves


That is my summer outfit picks for the up and coming summer!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Hot Summer Outfit.

Wearing: Headband - Stole from Jenna / Sunglasses - BondiBlu / Shirt - Forever New / Top - Vintage / Shorts - Jay Jays/ Shoes - Unknown

On Sunday the heat was insane. Like no other, just sitting in the sun for one minute made me thirsty and yarn for the shade. Just a casual loose fitting outfit to keep me cool. I love these new shoes my mom got for me as a surprise, they are very different to normal sandals and extremely comfortable but I have to admit that they gave me a big blister as I am not used to wearing them. Feet are now on relaxation mode and re-cooperating. It"s my brothers birthday tomorrow and he is finally becoming a teenager. Lucky boy.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Weekend in Photos

This weekend was one of the best yet! I spent it with my amazing friends and took advantage of the lovely sun. Plus I got to see my boyfriend for the whole of Sunday where his parents took us for a treat to a restaurant in Stellenbosch and the food was great! The day was perfect and ended off with a lovely swim in his pool (ice cold). These photos have been taken straight from my camera, so sorry you have to see me in my morning glory. 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Casual Beach Outfit

Wearing: Dress - The Lot / Shoes - Tomy Takkies / Sunglasses - BondiBlu / Watch - Present

Yesterday was perfect. The weather, the food, the boyfriend, the friends, just made it perfect. It was so strange to wake up to the most amazing weather that I have ever experienced in Cape Town. So since the weather was so great I decided to pull out my favourite summer dress. It is just so comfortable and fits me just the way I like it. I completely love this floral print as it is bright yet filled with my favourite colours of all time, bonus I guess. I slapped on a pair of "Tomy Takkies" which are honestly so comfortable especially since I am a person of closed shoes and hardly wear own shoes, exposing my toes. The outfit was extremely casual and perfect to walk, run and skip down the be beach while drinking ice latte and eating an amazing almond croissant from Knead Cafe.  I ended the evening off at a friends house for a small get together and dancing to some music. It was one amazing Saturday!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Job Shadowing Outfit Day 3 : Photography

Wearing: Shirt - Forever New / Bag - Unknown / Jeans - H&M / Heels - Italy / Watch - Italy / Necklace - With attitude. 

It was so hot today in Town, I don't know how I survived in jeans and a long shirt. The shirt though surprisingly cooled me down due to its light flowy fabric (I was truly grateful). I find that my red leather bag and blue sheer shirt match quite well as they compliment each other with their contrasting clothes. I never knew I was able to survive the whole day in heel brogues but to my surprise I did and I have to add how comfortable they are. These shoes didn't come cheap but they were worth any penny spent as they are a classic shoe and very comfortable.

Today I went to a photography studio called Pixel Foundry and job shadowed a photographer there. More on that in my NEXT post! Excited for the weekend.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Job Shadowing Outfit Day 1 : Woolworths Food Science Department

Wearing: Bag-Unknown / Chelsea Boots - Italy / Jeans - Legit / Shirt - Forever New / Blazer - ZARA / Jewelry - With Attitude / Watch - Paris
Today I went to Woolworths head office where I job shadowed a Food technologist. I found this very interesting and exciting as I learnt what they did in their job and what it was made of. I tried ("tested") out different types of food (YUM!), sat in on a meeting where they bought me amazing coffee and cake and got shown what they do everyday in their job. This was very enlightening as it taught me many new concepts that I never knew about food. It was truly worth my time. Tomorrow I shall be going to a fish/prawn factory and job shadowing a food technologist there. Got to wear very warm clothes apparently... This shall be interesting.

Due to the job shadowing I had to wear formal yet casual clothing. Why not wear a pair of jeans with a blazer jacket? I paired a classic denim with this ZARA blazer, I personally think think that it suits it really well and is perfect for the work environment. The cream sheer shirt is flowy and comfy and adds a classic sophisticated look to to the outfit. Sorry for keep on wearing the Chelsea Boots but they seems perfect to keep my neat clean cut look. The reddish brown bag I used to keep my notepad and camera in and it added that bit of colour I needed in my outfit. All in all I find this outfit extremely comfortable for the work environment and was extremely happy walking around in it the whole day.
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