Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Job Shadowing Outfit Day 1 : Woolworths Food Science Department

Wearing: Bag-Unknown / Chelsea Boots - Italy / Jeans - Legit / Shirt - Forever New / Blazer - ZARA / Jewelry - With Attitude / Watch - Paris
Today I went to Woolworths head office where I job shadowed a Food technologist. I found this very interesting and exciting as I learnt what they did in their job and what it was made of. I tried ("tested") out different types of food (YUM!), sat in on a meeting where they bought me amazing coffee and cake and got shown what they do everyday in their job. This was very enlightening as it taught me many new concepts that I never knew about food. It was truly worth my time. Tomorrow I shall be going to a fish/prawn factory and job shadowing a food technologist there. Got to wear very warm clothes apparently... This shall be interesting.

Due to the job shadowing I had to wear formal yet casual clothing. Why not wear a pair of jeans with a blazer jacket? I paired a classic denim with this ZARA blazer, I personally think think that it suits it really well and is perfect for the work environment. The cream sheer shirt is flowy and comfy and adds a classic sophisticated look to to the outfit. Sorry for keep on wearing the Chelsea Boots but they seems perfect to keep my neat clean cut look. The reddish brown bag I used to keep my notepad and camera in and it added that bit of colour I needed in my outfit. All in all I find this outfit extremely comfortable for the work environment and was extremely happy walking around in it the whole day.


  1. love it,follow you,hope you can follow me :D

    1. Thank you <3 LOVE your blog, following you back <3

  2. Love your backpack!

    xo Jennifer

  3. amazing shoots! like them a lot and your bagpack is amazing!!
    great look!

  4. love this outfit and also your blog:)
    i would really appreciate if you visit my blog!:)

  5. Such a cute outfit! Love that bag!

  6. Blazers are always a very safe choice! They are very stylish too, like yours:)

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