Sunday, 27 May 2012

Caribbean or Polar...

Wearing :
Sheer Shirt - Forever New
Leggings - ZARA
Body Con 3/4 top - Thrifted
Floral Necklaces - Unknown
Coral Necklace - Hawaii

So on Saturday I went to a friends 18th, the theme was Caribbean or Polar, obviously I couldn't decide and went both ways of it. Though all my friends went Polar. I was wearing few layers but don't be deceived because it was freezing outfit and I was dancing around like a lunatic to keep warm. I had a lot of fun as it was a good study break and catching up with a few lifesaving friends.

My blue sheer shirt looks quite funny in the photos above as it is see through but tucking it in felt to formal or fancy for a casual braai/party at his place.I also did not feel like exposing much bra as it was freezing and I needed to keep some body warmth. That body con top was surprisingly warm for being so thin. For the shoes I put on my brown leather combat boots from Italy because I wanted to down play my outfit and not feel too overdressed, which I tend to do often.  

This weekend definitely was a good one and hope that after I have finished exams there will be many more interesting ones like these. I am half way through exams with written 6 already and have 5 more to go. Dreading the most of all is Afrikaans paper 2 and Physics. As long as I keep concentration I think I will do okay yet the exams have not matched up to what I have hoped just yet.  

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

Chelsea <3


  1. These pictures are so cute !
    Your blog is lovely (:

    Will you please check out my blog sometime? You can follow me if you like !

    1. Checking it out right now :D And thank you <3

  2. Love the flowers!

  3. nice photos! love your skirt! if you want, take a look at my blog...we can follow each other if you like it! i hope...kisses

    1. Looking at it right now :P Would love to follow each other!


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