Friday, 18 November 2011

Shoes :D

Hey Guys,

Sorry about not posting in a while, just with exams and the funeral and all, just been all emotional. So I have been racking my brain on what to post about, but then I thought. How about my favourite shoes?
My favourite I don't wear often because of  I don't want to ruin them and plus they are heels, and I can not walk in heels, that is why the heel is so tiny :)

These shoes look really cute with tights and leggings, or under my Sissy Boy Jeans.

Anyway tomorrow I am doing an outfit of the day post, probably showing my make-up too.

Sorry for such a boring post, these last few days have been such a blur :(.



  1. I love those shoes they are so cute xx

  2. Oooo these boots are so cute! Love the little mini heel :) Absolutely darling.



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