Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Hey Guys,

So yesterday while I was studying Geography my friend BBM'ed me (not sure how else to say it) and asked me if I want to earn a little bit of money with her. I was like Oh Yeah! So me and her are going down to Fashion lab (small fashion boutique with really nice clothing, sometimes varies though) to tack photo's of these 10 - 11 year old girls modeling in the Outfit they pick out. We have to edit the photos too, thank goodness for photoshop. Anyway I am really excited :D. But to think of it, who does that for their birthday party? Children's birthday parties are becoming so expensive and strange these days, especially for 11 year olds. I can remember mine and I think I just had my close friends over to sleepover. Hmmmm...
Anyway I am so excited because I get to be with two things I love photography and fashion. Not sure how much we shall get paid though... Probably not a lot. We either get paid or get free clothes, I honestly don't mind . :)
Here are some photos I have taken the last two weeks off my Blackberry, sorry for the bad quality, I didn't have my Canon with me when I took these.

 This is me admiring my watch on the school field ^_^
 This is the bag that I admired when I walked out of Forever New with my amazing new dress that I wore for my grade 10 dance! Forever New is the best brand ever. But really expensive : /.

 These photos I took of the bus us 11 runners went on to a forest 5 minutes away. Extremely expensive for just 11 runners if you ask me. :)
 Pretty Butterfly landed on the grass next to me.

 Me and my boyfriend kissing each other in a photobooth that was at my school for the dance.
 Just me experiment with a braid/plait in my hair.
 What I wore to my friends funeral :( Not going to too much detail on that.
This photo of me was taken on Saturday before I saw my boyfriend, that day was so hot! Sorry for the messy room, I have such a small room, but getting our house redone next year :D So I get to a whole new bedroom and get to design it :). Ahhhhh so excited, arg my red ugly lifesaving hat is hanging up in my room. So gross. Sies. 

Anyway, bye Guys :)

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