Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Hey Guys,

I know I haven't posted in a while but these last few weeks have been hectic! I am leaving for Europe on Friday for one month. So I have been busy packing, getting iPod together. BLAH BLAH BLAH. I am so excited for Europe, I have been saving up for the shopping since forever! I really mean it. Any way to I got my Braces off! Oh my word it feels so different and looks so different too. Woah. Like my teeth are so straight :| .

Anyway on the weekend I did a photoshoot with Fashion Lab which was fun but I feel the pay wasn't so good. My friend and I got to pick one piece of clothing from the store. So I wanted to get this blazer jacket and I told  my friend and when the time came to pick what we wanted she went straight for the jacket and that hurt me a little. I feel kind of betrayed, she has done done this a few times. She owns 12 blazer jackets when I don't even own one. And her excuses was you will find one overseas. What happens if I don't? Sigh. Seriously 12 Blazer jackets and she wouldn't let me have the one I wanted. Sorry for the rant, over now. So instead I picked a grey skirt, I like it, do not love it. But it is simple and will match lots of items I own. So it will become to good use.

Here is the picture of the skirt:

And here is a photo of me Braceless :D

So this last week of school we have been put into courses and I am doing the photography course which is good because I love photography. The course is mainly about become creative and less about the camera which is good because I need creativity. 

I still have to pack a ton load. I might just do a post about what I packed into my bag and some ideas how to wear it. Does that sound good? Or a big no no? 

Next Post is going to be showing a few photos I have taken at the Fashion Lab Photoshoot, just need to finish minor editing them.

Thanks for reading <3


  1. i hate it when supposed 'friends' do things like that, it seems so insignificant but they hurt:/ you look really pretty and your teeth are like, perfect:D xxx

  2. I know :( But we get over them and become really close :) Thank you :) I was so nervous about how I would have looked with them off :) xxx


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