Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Munich, Germany.

I am explored my true German roots when I entered the big city of Munich. The vibrant city full of colour, music, delicious food, Christmas cheer and a language I could hardly understand, took me by surprise because by the time I had to say goodbye, I didn't want to leave.

The highlight of my German experience was the Christmas Markets, these markets take place a couple of weeks before Christmas and lead up to the afternoon of Christmas Eve. The festivity and vibe was a whole new experience of its own. Never had I come across beautiful stalls decorated with Christmas decorations that I wish I could take home and add them to the Christmas tree.

Munich over all persona was clean, historical and festive. I visited places I would probably never thought of visiting. Heading to the alps, checking out famous castles which inspired Walt Disney, visiting Dachau concentration camp and breaking a storm shopping down Munich high street.

My family also decided to take a day trip down to Salzburg, Austria, where the famous Mozart lived for many years of his life. This little city is beautiful and quaint filled with tourists snapping away with their cameras, cheerful Christmas markets, big games of chess and the people there were overly friendly that I could not believe it.

In Germany the legal drinking age for beers, wine and ciders is 16. So therefore I had my first legal beer, a tall big glass. I was in the true Munichen experience with my family. Singing the folk songs, laughing and just having the time of my life. Munich pulled the inner German out of me.

The last day in Munich was the best, truly magical. The coldest day, that's when the snow started to fall. These little white flakes on my hair was a sight I had never seen before since coming from sunny South Africa, where the only snow is found on the top of high mountains. I twirled in the snow with a smile on my face, true bliss, I was like a little kid in her element.

Needless to say when I board the train to Paris, a tear was falling down my cheek as I bid farewell.

Here are the photos:

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  1. Lovely photos! You look so cozy in your get up all while staying stylish! Darling! xo, Megs



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