Monday, 12 March 2012


I have finally decided to sit down and write about my European trip. I know it has been a long time since my last post and a few months since I came back but I have so busy with school that I hardly have time to sit down and take a breath of fresh air.
I am now making the time because this can't go on any longer.
The first stop : ITALIA.

Italy for me was sensational, vibrant and cultural country. As I walked around every corner my breath would be taken away from something extravagant and beautiful. The language was the best of all, the way the Italians speak with the tongue twisted words and full body gestures, especially their hand movements, would kept me mesmerized. I fell in love with the cities and I know I will return to them again.

I was a real tourist, camera around my neck, bag packed with snacks, daily make-up, extra clothes and many other bits and bobs I decided to pack in which weren't necessary. I walked around Rome, Naples, Pompeii and Venice taking photos of everything to I loved. Believe me now when I tell you, I loved everything! I left my heart in Italy, I just cannot describe the experienced I had there without sounding repetitive and cliche.

Fashion there was outstanding, my eyes opened up when almost every women's pair of shoes was a piece of heaven. Italy certainly has the best shoes in the world. The style was impeccable, those women and men know certainly how to dress. That is when I knew I was born to live to shop. I was born to buy those heavenly shoes that every women wished she could own. One problem. Have you checked the prices of the shoes. I will have to a really well paid job to afford those shoes. Anyway thinking way into the future there. I don't know how to explain the comfort, beauty and style of the clothes and shoes I had seen. Certainly going back to Italy next year!

I walked down the Rome and Venice High streets as if I was meant to walk them everyday of my life. Seeing the Chanel and Prada and all the designers stores on one street put me in my element. I might not have been able to afford a Dior dress or Chanel handbag but my eyes did the looking, touching and my imagination ran wild.

Italy, especially Rome, is crowded with many churches all over and around ever corner. I know it is because of it becoming the heart of Roman Catholics. That grammar sounded completely wrong but I had no other way to put it. Those churches made me feel the closest feeling to Christianity I have ever experienced. Like everything I touched and walked on was holy and no wrong had ever been done.

The weather in Italy was exactly like the winter in Cape Town except just a few degrees colder. And it rained more than anticipated, had my mini purple umbrella from WoolWorths with me all the time. I shall not say that the umbrella was the best quality because by the end of the holiday it was just a file of rust, not good for the advertising of Woolies, but what can I say, it did the job when I most needed it.

I cannot wait till my next visit to Italy which shall be Milan next time, I hope. The fashion capital of the world.      I hope Italy is ready for me then.

Here are some photos from the trip:

P.S. All photos are taken by me.
Coming up next: Germany.

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