Sunday, 9 June 2013

Farm House

Wearing: Shirt - Forever New / Jumper - Old Khaki / Jeans - Sissy Boy / Shoes - Woolworths

Finally exams are finished but the stress still continues with orals and projects due this week. The only thing keeping me going is that I am on holiday in two weeks time. Hopefully, you shall be seeing more of me in the next few weeks.

This weekend my family all came to my aunts farm house to celebrate my dad, my uncle and my cousin's birthday, which all happened in the space of 3 days. Woah. The farmhouse is actually our family farm house that my gran grew up in as a child but moved out as a teenager. Out of pure coincidence my Aunt and Uncle, who are artists, were looking for a house to buy and bought this farm house. Once taking my gran to see the farm house, my gran realised it was the same house she grew up in. Her childhood toys were even still in the attic. For me this is hard to wrap my head around.

This house is the meeting place of our family on all special days such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter and family gatherings. This place holds some of my fondest childhood memories. I love the authenticity of the farm house and the African theme my aunt and uncle tried to maintain. I hope to have many more returns to this farm house. 


  1. you look so beautiful. i love the third photo!

    maybe we can follow each other, let me know.
    leave a comment on my blog.

  2. I am still a beginner in the blog please help
    So I am diligent greet, because then I could know more about the blog and thus of maybe only I find inspiration after this, because either with what I'm describing the smile on your face ..
    really turned my world
    Welcome to share this Story on my blog, hopefully provide shade and softness, may be able to treat wounds, hopefully to make a smile, and beautiful all comes from God, and that one came from me, sorry if the words are less pleased with heart


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