Friday, 28 October 2011

Mascara Review

Hey Guys,
So I am doing a little review of the drugstore mascara I just bought. It is from the Essence range. I love this mascara as it works on my lashes really nicely, making them look volumed up!
This is how it looks like.
I am going to show you what it does to my eyes... The photo of the after isn't so great because the camera did not focus on the top lashes :( And I messed the top lashes anyway. WOOPS. :)
The only factor that I don't like about Mascara is that it is not waterproof. I am going to go out and find a really good waterproof one, by a cheap drugstore range. 

Well since I can not say anymore about mascara I am going to tell you about what I am doing for the rest of the day. Exams are coming up in a week and a half and need to do some serious hours of studying :(. Weeping :'(. Sigh, what a boring weekend. :'(...

Bye :)


  1. that looks like a really good mascara, but i dont believe we have that brand where i am from which is a shame, i am going to follow your blog and it would be an awful lot to me if you followed back?

  2. It is :) I was glad to follow you back! :) Thank you for following <3


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